Volunteer at Samadhi Eco Resort

Our volunteer program is in its second year, and due to the wonderful response and results we are looking to expand our program. 

In exchange for 30hrs of work per week, we provide food, room, board, bedding, laundry facilities, and wifi.  We ask for at least 1 month commitment. Volunteers cover their own transportation to Vilcun (nearest airport is Temuco), visas, toiletries, travel insurance, rain and work clothes.  For your spare time we have an array of games (from Monopoly to Chess to Lego to cards to Pick-Up-Sticks to colouring etc.), darts, badminton, archery, a small library, and plenty of hiking.  We also have a detailed list of day trips (extra cost as a tour guide is needed and/or transportation) you can choose from, and when there are cultural events and/or markets on we are the first there:)  Volunteers also have the option to use their hours to participate at the local school once a week.  This is done on a rotational system with one volunteer going each week.

There are always new projects and that is the beauty of building something from the beginning through completion.  At the moment the concentration is on the agriculture side, and much time is spent planting, germinating and caring for the organic vegetables and herbs.  We also have plenty of trails and zen areas to clear.  Other projects tend to come up to, such as building recycling centers, additions to the play area, making cutting boards out of recycled wood, etc.