December 2018 was a great month for my family. Not only we celebrated my husband’s birthday with our friends and two grownup boys, which is difficult to coordinate these days, but we celebrated it in Chile. We stayed at an amazing resort, “Samadhi Eco Resort” in Vilcun near Temuco. The owners were hospitable, sleeping quarters uniquely designed and very comfortable for a resort surrounded by forests. The main cabin was constructed with reclaimed wood and recycled materials, the shipping container cabins turned into seven star accommodations, and for the adventurous soul the resort offers rooms embedded in the side of the hill where one can sleep under the stars and wake up to amazing views of the surrounding valleys, the birds chirping, and Volcano Villarrica. There are lots of activities to do on the property and lots of attractions and activities to do such as hiking, kayaking, relaxing in the thermals, to name a few. The Samadhi team helped us organize a surfing trip for my sons, and helped prepare for everything from the car rental, to the route, and the location. That trip was one for the books! I will definitely - and for sure - go back to Samadhi because once there one can truly experience the relaxation needed on a vacation.

François et Isabelle - FRANCE

Nous avons passé un séjour super sympa a Samadhi Eco Resort. L'accueil est extrêmement chaleureux et le patron, Philippe, marié avec une dame adorable, Miyoko, se met en 4 pour nous aider à profiter au mieux de l'environnement exceptionnel. Le resort est en pleine nature, avec vue sur des volcans majestueux qui n'ont rien à envier au mont Fuji. Nous avons fait du cheval, du canyonning, une excursion dans une forêt primaire extraordinaire avec des araucarias impressiionnants et un lac ou nous nous sommes baignés. Le resort cultive aussi ses légumes et travaille en lien avec les paysans alentour qui fournissent un très bon fromage. La nuit, le ciel étoilé est vraiment splendide. En un mot, un endroit magique en.communion avec la nature...

Carolina - chile

My stay at Samadhi was brief but amazing! I could never forget that beautiful and peaceful place surrounded with volcanoes, big trees, fields of green grass to walk in... This is definitely an inspiring place. Everyone there is so nice and genuine. Just want to say thank you to all the people there that were part of my experience, hope to see you again guys! I definitely would recommend this place to go if you are someone who wants to learn and be around happy and lovely people :) 

Estelle - france

Since two months I am in Chile, it is to Samadhi that I felt really good. 
The people are very warm hearted.  The life there is peaceful.  The environment is magnificent.  We learnt to live and to work together with our differences, our characters, and our cultures.                     We taught others, we were enriched by all the good waves of the place and of the people who live, work or spend one day here.                    That was, for me, a very beautiful and enriching human adventure and a big lesson of humility.
I shall never forget the people I met here.  Our nights to be played, to laugh, to share our experiences, our intimacy, our different lives.
There are people and places who change us. 
Samadhi is one of them. 
In passing to Samadhi I go out different, better.

Lily - u.k.

I loved every second at Samadhi! I wish i had more time to spend in this utter paradise.  Although I only stayed one week I felt so much generosity and kindness from everyone there and can't wait to return to help the team with all the amazing projects they have planned.  I had such a special unbelievable experience exploring the area, going on volcano hikes, meeting local people, cuddling puppies, swimming in the river and meeting such lovely people. 
Thank you so much for having me and being so warm and welcoming me into the Samadhi family! 
Also special thanks to Samantha for posting my rain jacket all the way back to England after i left it <3

leonard - germany

Samadhi is an amazing place to stay.  The people are incredibly friendly and caring and this project is growing by the day.  I couldn't have had a better time there, and hope to one day come back.

SOFI - venezuela

Samadhi.  A place surrounded by volcanoes and hummingbirds.  Mostly sunny, sometimes rainy, a little bit misty and a little bit magical.   A place with fun and loving people, a place with its own dose of craziness and with a unique volunteering program.

The people at Samadhi?  Sam, Philippe, Adnan and Yoselyn are kind and hard working people that will always make sure you don't miss anything - I felt more like a guest than a volunteer! Enough said.     Estelle, Jack, Kendon - and most recently - Cameron were the other volunteers.  We got along well pretty quickly, even if we came from different places of the world, we would never miss a joke!  Our nights were fulfilled by amazing music, laughs and games; not mentioning the great time we had at our trips in Conguillio and water rafting in Trancura.

The Samadhi project is not done yet - and I think it will always continue to grow - but I'm glad I was a part of it and I would definitely volunteer at Samadhi again.      Huge thank you! 

jack - australia

I’ve been at Samadhi for nearly two months now after initially organising to stay 2 weeks.  The people, countryside and activities were all amazing.  I’ve had many great experiences here that I’ve written about in the Samadhi blog for Sam so I will keep this short.  Go here.  You won’t regret it.  Everyone I’ve met since I’ve come here has been amazing and I will take these memories with me throughout the rest of my travels and if they compare to here I will be very lucky.

valentin & Stephanie - france

We have spent four amazing weeks volunteering at Samadhi Eco Resort.  We quite simply loved everything about it: the place, the work, the people involved in the project, the food, the extra activities...   We can't thank you guys enough for the experience we've had.  Wish you the very best!

Kendon - south africa

To the Samadhi family, first I'd like to say a HUGE thank you for the wonderful opportunity that you gave me to volunteer for you.  My three months with you were a life changing and positive experience that I will treasure and remember for the rest of my life.  What I loved most, besides how well all the volunteers were treated and looked after, was the great people I met from around the world.  I made friendships that will last a lifetime.  Then there was the badminton, darts, archery, hiking, day trips (Conguillio and white water rafting to name a couple) and swimming in the river.  We all loved the activities we got to do during our off time.  Thank you Samadhi for the amazing experience.  I can't wait to visit you again!

Tristan - U.S.A.

My time in Samadhi was so incredible, I am constantly thinking about when I will be able to visit again.  From the moment I arrived, I felt welcome; Yoselyn did a fantastic job of making all of us feel included in the community, and giving us opportunities to explore new and exciting things outside of Samadhi. While in Samadhi, I could see the progress of our work, and my thoughts and opinions were valued by other volunteers, but also by the owners and leaders of the project.  Adnan and Philippe seemed to care a great deal about how the volunteers felt about certain issues, and were always asking for our input, and often taking it into consideration when making decisions.  Yoselyn always did her best to make the situation work for everyone; as the link between the project leadership, and the volunteers, Yoselyn had a difficult task of keeping both the volunteers and owners happy.  In my opinion, she executed this job excellently, and her compassion and willingness to cooperate seemed to always find a solution to any issues that arose.  While coordinating my trip, Samantha gave me all the information and assistance necessary to prepare, and was always easy to reach out to if I had any questions and concerns.  The combination of the fantastic group of individuals working at Samadhi made my experience something special.

While volunteering at Samadhi, our work had visible results, and the care and concern for the wellbeing of the environment was always considered important, which is an strong value of mine.  At Samadhi, I felt connected to the land and the project, and learned a lot about the local culture and lifestyle.  I am also extremely grateful for everyone at Samadhi for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this project, and especially to Yoselyn for being such a wonderful host and ambassador of her home country.

Barbara - venezuela

Samadhi was my first volunteer work and I had no expectations, only to have a wonderful adventure with a magical project.  When I arrived to Samadhi, I was welcomed by Phillipe, Yoselyn and Cameron all of whom were my favorite people in this experience.  Phillipe (the host) accompanied us on some nights where we further exchanged great stories of life.  I can say that this wonderful place allowed me to heal and live happily by sharing it with wonderful people... 100/recommended.