Samadhi Eco Resort understands that there are constantly technological advances and a greater understanding of sustainability methods available.  We are passionate to continuously learn and incorporate best practices through this awareness and expansion of knowledge, as sustainability is an ongoing journey that requires continuous improvement.

Samadhi Eco Resort has already achieved EarthCheck Bronze Benchmarking status, and a manager received her GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council) certification in Sustainable Tourism. EarthCheck is the leading eco certification and benchmarking organization in the world, and we are currently in the process of meeting the criteria for full EarthCheck Eco Certification as well as becoming S Seal Certified (Chile’s Distinction in Sustainable Tourism). 


Sustainable Tourism

Samadhi Eco Resort has already achieved EarthCheck Bronze Benchmarking status, and a manager received her GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council) certification in Sustainable Tourism. Samadhi Eco Resort is currently working on meeting the evaluation criteria defined by the GSTC to be both EarthCheck Eco Certified and S Seal Certified (Chile’s Distinction in Sustainable Tourism). 


Samadhi Eco Resort is a proud member of Pack for a Purpose, an initiative that allows travelers to make a lasting impact at the local school. Click here to learn more.  We constantly donate time to the local community, and in 2018 we volunteered over 202 hours of time to the local community for different initiatives. We further support the local community in a other ways - donating money, books, clothes, music CD’s and accessories to the local school; donating food items and gifts for special occasions; offering activities for the guests that directly benefit the community, such as making Chicha, visiting a Ruka (traditional Mapuche hut), buying local handcrafts and goods, and going to local festivals; and supporting local entrepreneurs by selling their goods. 

Sustainable Education

Annual trainings will be conducted on sustainability for all employees, and each room will have an extensive informational folder for guests and volunteers.  The Samadhi team will further continuously ensure they are up to date with current sustainability methods and knowledge. 

Climate Change

Samadhi Eco Resort buys local products when possible and uses energy efficient practices to help reduce carbon emissions.  For example:  Shopping locally from vendors that adhere to our vendor and shopping policy; buying building materials, recycled shipping containers and sewer pipes locally; using energy efficient light bulbs and appliances; and, installing double paned windows.  We further use suppliers that help eliminate packaging and non-recyclable materials by allowing us to use our own reusable bags, cartons and wooden boxes when shopping.  Solar panels, wind turbines and other natural energy resources to maximize self-sustainability will be installed; and, organic farming is in the beginning stages to allow a direct organic food source.


Samadhi Eco Resort recycles paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminum and glass.  We reuse bags when shopping, and place our purchased fruit and vegetables directly into our shopping bags instead of having the vendors place our goods into plastic bags. In addition, unused and/or recycled construction materials, wood and bamboo are re-used whenever possible.  For example, to make tables, chairs, windscreens, the chicken coop, goat house, recycling centers, extra storage rooms, etc.  All left over foods, fruit and vegetable peels are either recycled into the compost, or buried in Cluckingham Palace to collect fresh worms and bugs for a food extravaganza for the chickens, rooster and turkeys a couple weeks later.

Soil Contamination

Samadhi Eco Resort is an organic land that prohibits the use of agrochemicals (chemicals in fertilizers and pesticides).  As an added precaution against neighbouring non-orgniac farmlands, trees will be planted to act as a vegetative barrier for pesticide drift.  Furthermore, natural products are used where possible and available for cleaning purposes. Guest shampoos, conditioners and soaps will be natural.  Guests are advised that no harmful chemicals are allowed in our water supply and in nature, and to therefore pack their personal products accordingly.  


Air Pollution

Deforestation is a huge concern in Chile.  In the central region alone forest cover decreased by 61.7 % between 1989 and 2009 (Ecological Research, 2013).  Samadhi Eco Resort has joined with CONAF to ensure deforestation does not occur on our land that has around 60 acres of forest.



Most of Samadhi Eco Resort’s forest areas are designated protected areas in an effort to protect and conserve the biodiversity of the land.  Logging is not permitted, and native plants and trees are purchased and planted.

Water Resources

Even though water in the Lake District is abundant, Samadhi Eco Resort is implementing methods to catch rainwater for bathroom, laundry, kitchen and garden watering use.  The water quality in the south is good quality water, yet Samadhi Eco Resort has chosen to use water filters for drinking water.