Our Story


Across oceans and time and exploring and experiencing, Samadhi Eco Resort’s 123-acre spiritual oasis encompassing an enchanting world of natural beauty and authentic living in the south of Chile, came to life after 20 years of dreaming and planning by two life-long best friends. Transitioning from a family retreat center to sharing the magic with others, the dream started coming to life with the completion of the first two eco-cabins and experimenting with organic gardening and chicken raising. Soon after, three self-catering recycled shipping container cabins were built in the forest, six concrete tube rooms were set in the side of the hill, the freestanding treehouse materialized, and two organic greenhouses were providing fresh herbs and vegetables. The communal area went up, and whala! Samadhi was ready to share its splendour!

With a passion for being environmentally sustainable and goal to be fully self sufficient, Samadhi Eco Resort achieved EarthCheck Bronze Benchmarked status in 2018 - the first organization to do so in Chile. EarthCheck is the leading eco certification and benchmarking organization in the world. To support this journey, one of the team leaders received her GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council) certification in Sustainable Tourism, and we are currently in the process of meeting the criteria for full EarthCheck Eco Certification, as well as becoming S Seal Certified (Chile’s Distinction in Sustainable Tourism). 

We invite you to join us on our adventure while we continue to expand and explore…

Who We Are

  • We celebrate and draw on our uniqueness for innovation and enrichment.

  • We respect all people for who they are.

  • We agree to disagree.

  • We respect nature.

  • We take care of each other.

  • We take care of our world.

  • We look at the world as borderless.

  • We are all connected.

  • We are all one.

  • We celebrate diversity.

  • We respect all cultures.

  • We respect and treasure our differences.