Latitude: -38.81119         

Longitude:  -72.24886


Vilcun: 17km     

Pucon:  56km     

Conguillio National Park:  56km

Temuco: 59km


Samadhi Eco Resort is located 59km from Temuco Airport in the Lake District, La Araucania. 

The Lake District has been called one of the most beautiful areas on the planet, and the most visually beautiful area in Chile.  It is a stunning mixture of temperate rainforests, endless forests, glistening deep clear lakes, legendary rivers, smouldering snow-capped volcanoes, and fertile farmlands. 

The Lake District is described as the South American equivalent of Switzerland, and is also called Green Patagonia due to being between the wine rich central region to its north and the wild lands of Patagonia to its south.  There are seven stunning national parks, two private nature reserves, 16 major lakes (with many smaller lakes), and plenty of volcanoes to explore.  


Most travelers arrive in Santiago, and either take a flight or overnight bus to Temuco. We recommend Sky Airlines or JetSmart for more affordable flights, and the overnight ETM bus, which has reclining seats for passengers to lie down on.


Culturally, the Lake District has a strong presence of the indigineous Mapuche, who primarily live in La Aracaunia region.  There are also some small areas where German surnames are as common as Spanish surnames, and authentic Scandinavian architecture is noticeable along sidewalks. 


The Lake District’s kaleidoscope of immense natural elements create a pristine environment for a variety of animals and birds.  For instance:  The world’s smallest deer, the rare pudu; the Monito Del Monte, also known as a “living fossil” because it is the sole remaining member of the otherwise extinct order, the Microbiotheria; the Magellanic Woodpecker, the world’s largest woodpecker; and, the Andean Condor, the largest flying bird in the world.  In addition, an array of mushrooms - both edible and non-edible - are abundant on and around Samadhi.