Alpehue Geysers and Queupude Hot Springs



Samuel - France

A nice canyoning day going up the Rio Queupude, passing by stunning rock formations, geysers full of colors and narrow canyons.  Never did canyoning before and I loved the experience!  Thank you Patricio for showing us this beautiful and unknown place, and for leading us back home through the night!

Stéphanie - France

We had an amazing day hiking in the Geoparque Kütralkura, along and in the Queupude riverbed with Patricio.  We went to see geysers, fumaroles and we even had the chance to bathe in the hot springs.  The landscape was incredible, with the volcanic rocks, Araucaria trees and the river.  It really was fantastic and we are not going to forget that day anytime soon.  

Leonard - Germany

We went to the geysers of Queupude.  Pato is a great guide who gave us a lot of insight into the nature we witnessed.  We walked through and alongside a river to the geysers where we took a warm bath and had lunch.  Nature is beautiful and foremost it's very remote, so we were the only people within a few miles!  The mixture of remoteness and at times slightly difficult trail made this an adventurous trip that was worth the while.

Yoselyn - Chile

El viaje a los geisers de "Al Pehue" ...¡¡fué grandioso!!, realizamos la ascención por dentro del río orillándolo de vez en vez, cruzando por troncos de arboles caídos, viendo el hermoso paisaje otoñal que era salido de cuentos de hadas, nada enviadable a la película ávatar.  El agua tíbia nos acompañó en el ascenso y descenso.  Cuando estuvimos en el corazón de las fumarolas no solo sentimos el intenso olor a azufre, el calor y la buena compañía fueron un  grandioso complemento a la hora de la colación.  Éste es sin duda uno de los recorridos obligatorios para cualquier visitante a la región de la Araucanía, y si hay que recomendar un guía, que sea Patricio Villa :-)   Lo ideal es ir con tiempo y  a principio de otoño por las horas de luz y caudal del agua.

Valentin - France

We have had a fantastic day exploring the Geothermal park of Kütralkura!  We went up the riverbed through a gorgeous valley, surrounded by vertical cliffs and waterfalls.  Such amazing scenery to reach the sulfur smelling geysers, throwing the most improbable colors in this already stunning landscape.
The hot springs where we had lunch were most welcome to warm us against the rising winds.  And the descent through the narrow section of the river really felt like canyoning!!  We're really thankful for Patricio showing us this incredible part of the country, which we had never even heard of!