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Samadhi Eco Resort Organic Garden and Food, Chile

In the Garden

Everyone is welcome to come and be part of our organic gardening extravaganza. Get your hands dirty by digging or planting, practice mindfulness while watering, or wander the rows picking your own vegetables and herbs for dinner. Experience the wonderful permaculture garden by navigating through its delicate design, or feed your senses in one of our organic greenhouses.

Samadhi Eco Resort Free Range Chicken Coop, Chile

At Cluckingham Palace

Cluckingham Palace is a chicken coop with two separate raised chicken coops and an expansive outside area. Each day the chickens and rooster are let out to free roam until they return at dusk. Collect eggs in the morning, and participate in the upkeep to maintain Cluckingham Palace's state-of-the-art creation.

Samadhi Eco Resort Organic Maqui Berry, Chile

Maqui Berry Harvesting in February

During harvest time maqui berry trees beg to be picked and prepared for one of their many delicious and enriching products. Numerous studies have named Maqui berries "superberries" with research showing that maqui berries:

Are several times higher in antioxidants than the next superfruit in line, acai berries.

Promote cardiovascular health by preventing the oxidation of cholesterol.

Helps treat diabetes by exerting an anti-diabetic effect.

Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and age blemishes.

Assists in healing respiratory damage caused by inflammation and oxidative stress caused by smoking.

Helps alleviate dry eyes by improving the volume of tear fluid.

Helps promote weight loss as it counteracts fat cells.

Contains omega-3 -6 and -9 fatty acids, vitamins A, C and E, and calcium, iron and potassium.

Samadhi Eco Resort Organic Mushroom, Chile

Wild Mushroom Picking

Samadhi is abundant with an array of edible mushrooms. Join in on mushroom foraging during Spring or Autumn for:

Dihueñe / Diguene

Changle - Coral fungi

Morccella - Morchela

Pinatra - WIld mushrooms

Hango Ostra - Oyster

Callampa Rosado - Red Pine mushroom

Grifola Gargal - Gargal

Flamulina - Enoki




Helping the Local Village School

We are the first and only organization in Chile, and proud members of Pack for a Purpose, an initiative that allows travelers like you to make a lasting impact in the community at your travel destination. If you save just a few kilos of space in your suitcase and take supplies for the project we support in need, you’ll make a priceless impact in the lives of our local children and families. Please click here to see what supplies are needed for our project.

Samadhi Eco Resort also supports the local school through selling their handmade beeswax candles. More than 50% of the sale profit goes directly back to the school.

Edible mushrooms at Samadhi Eco Resort Chile