Conguillio National Park



Samantha - South Africa

My daughter and I had another exceptional day exploring Conguillio National Park. This was my sixth trip there and her third.  Conguillio is one of my favourite places in the world to visit.  The stunning beauty, clear energy, and ancient presence is like nowhere else we have explored.  It is truly a magical place and photographer's paradise.

cameron - u.s.a.

If traveling through the Araucania Region, Conguillo National Park is an experience that must be at the top of your list. Its unique, breathtaking landscapes has the rare ability to relieve any tension that daily life may bring, something evident immediately upon entering the park. Our adventure began with an exhilarating drive through the rolling lava fields, contrasted by the snowy mountain peaks, which truly seemed to teleport us to another planet. Mastered by Kendon, we followed the narrow roads to our first destination, enjoyed a quick lunch and jumped right into a comfortable hike. The frigid lake waited for us next which at first seemed like a terrible idea simply by its touch to my naked feet. Yet, after a little bit of peer pressure from the group I found myself submerged from the neck down with the help from the sun’s embrace. After a quick dry in its rays we all posed for a seemingly endless amount of photos, providing a welcomed laugh for the rest of the afternoon. The trek back and the subsequent drive out of the park was unfortunate as it was clear that there was way more to experience. Another day or days will be needed and I have no doubt that they will bring something new.


In the middle of millenarian Araucaria trees, we found crystal clear lakes and breathtaking views of the Sierra Nevada and Llaima volcano. We saw the traces of a past unknown by men, a past where dinosaurs hovered around the Chilean forests before any of us ever did. We contemplated the effects of nature’s mighty force, destroying and rebuilding everything around, just to create one of the most magnificent landscapes I have ever seen.

Mike – U.S.A.

Conguillio is one of the only places in the world where you can experience zero vibrations of energy.  It is totally neutral.  It is as if you are walking on a different planet.


Conguillio, four stark syllables hovering above the Chilean consciousness like the hawks turning in the air currents that day. There are few places I’ve visited that hold the enormous silence of Conguillio. It wasn’t surprising to walk past the multiple signs proclaiming that this is where they filmed ‘Walking with the Dinosaurs’. You can see the old ghosts of them in the shimmer of the lake and the Aracauria trees almost speak to you of their stories.

Kendon – South Africa

On my trip to Conguillio I was truly taken aback by the stunning beauty and serenity of the park.  It was absolutely surreal and relaxing from entrance throughout.  The natural wonder and revitalizing nature of the park would definitely compel me to go back whenever possible.