Mapuche Cultural Experiences

The local indigenous tribe, the intriguing Mapuche, are an incredible people with a remarkable history.  From their nutritious, versatile and flavorsome cuisine, to their creative talents in wood carving, pottery, basketry, textiles, headdresses and necklaces, to their ancient and wonderous ways - it is a privilege to be part of their community.


Make your own Chicha

In Autumn, pick your own apples then go to a local Chicharia for a fun and entertaining Chicha making experience.  Chicha is a traditional Chilean fermented drink that is of Mapuche origin and is made from apples or grapes. In this brewery apples are used and you will chop them, then crush them, then bottle the juice to take home and ferment. 

Experience the wonder of Mapuche textiles, cuisine and culture

Explore the world of traditional Mapuche art through textiles and handmade goods. Personally meet the artisans and learn about the traditional Mapuche process of making these items.  Join them in the process and enjoy a traditional meal while learning about their history and culture.  If you choose, you can shop for ponchos, wall hangings, bed throws, dresses, hats, jewelry and many more treasures. We have a limited number of items for sale in our office, and 100% of the proceeds go directly back to the artisans.


Other Cultural Excursions

  • Experience local festivals and markets throughout the year.

  • Support the local community by shopping for handmade goods and crafts.

  • Visit Mapuche museums.