Make your own Chicha


Samantha - South Africa

I had an absolute blast making Chicha!  From the apple tree shaking to pick our own apples, to the grinding of the apples, to the all out body behind turning of the lever, to the bottling, it was a fantastic adventure from start to finish.  It was a very hands on experience in an authentic rustic barn of sorts, and it was absolutely perfect!

Kendon – South Africa

It was great to be a part of the experience of getting to make chicha.  The highlight of the afternoon was having to turn the lever to produce the juice, and then getting to take all the juice home to ferment.  That was a huge bonus!  It was a very old school rustic natural feel, which made me feel a part of the history of the process, as I knew this is how it had been done for the longest time.

Scott – U.K.

Going to the Chicharia was an amusing and interesting activity.  To taste fresh and pure apple juice straight from the press is not something I have had the privilege to experience before. It was also interesting to see a product that was specific to the region being made using traditional methods.  The staff were welcoming and warm, and eager to share their process, and keen that we have a go using the equipment.  We all took turns during the process all the way to decanting the juice from buckets into bottles.  It was a very fun evening.