The Slow Meandering Walk at Samadhi Eco Resort - Jack Woodman

Soft mist travels over the landscape in pufts like white mare’s tails and a quiet attention drifts throughout this place. Cold raindrops come down. Tiny fallen comets that break against the skin. The whole scene has a faded distinctness about it. The shadows of sedentary birds sit amongst the horizon and the outline of the main house is almost breathing in the distance. The sky is gray dark but the bone white top of Llaima is glinting and within it weave the thousand thoughts and feelings and moments it has seen like some white clouds sliding around it and down and off. I find myself drawn to look there and think of the others who have walked this journey of travel. My thoughts covered atmospherically in the sights and sounds in front of me and new memories are formed far from the expected. And that is why I do it. Leave home. Travel destroys the abstraction of life and ideology that sits like a creeping necklace around all people. In the movement, the slow meandering walk, I exist.