View of Volcano Villarrica - Jack Woodman

I’ve been trying to describe Samadhi to my friends for a few days now. People always ask for the details. But it’s a complicated thing to describe a new place. Somewhere you’ve never been before. Don’t speak the language. Don’t know anyone.

What are you doing.

It’s not the doing of a thing that I remember. It’s not that I went horse riding one day that makes me smile all of a sudden when I’m on the bus to work in my home city as the gunmetal gray of the skyscrapers whips the strung white clouds.

Instead, I see Villarica. Dark and distant it sits as birds take flight in odd turning patterns. Phillippe takes his horse in a canter framed by the sun burning out its yellow energy at the end of the day. The birds fall back on themselves in a receding tide motion. My horse, rocking side to side in the long grass, lifts its head and in the brown of the eye I can see a black raindrop sat still. A smell comes in the air. Brisk and green it is as it stretches out and over the fields and pastures. It comes with a cold strength, wild in the air. It comes from the South.

From Villarica.

You can see it unmoving and silent in the weight of the black stone earth that has held the true-red flames of long ago eruptions. It peaks in a celebration of lost sunlight almost as if saying, look here, this is important.

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The Slow Meandering Walk at Samadhi Eco Resort - Jack Woodman

Soft mist travels over the landscape in pufts like white mare’s tails and a quiet attention drifts throughout this place. Cold raindrops come down. Tiny fallen comets that break against the skin. The whole scene has a faded distinctness about it. The shadows of sedentary birds sit amongst the horizon and the outline of the main house is almost breathing in the distance. The sky is gray dark but the bone white top of Llaima is glinting and within it weave the thousand thoughts and feelings and moments it has seen like some white clouds sliding around it and down and off. I find myself drawn to look there and think of the others who have walked this journey of travel. My thoughts covered atmospherically in the sights and sounds in front of me and new memories are formed far from the expected. And that is why I do it. Leave home. Travel destroys the abstraction of life and ideology that sits like a creeping necklace around all people. In the movement, the slow meandering walk, I exist. 

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Samadhi Eco Resort in Chile - Epic Eco Travel

September 30, 2018 by Epic Eco Travel

Samadhi is a brand new Eco resort in Chile opening in December of 2018. Samadhi was founded in 2016 after 20 years of dreaming and planning by two life-long best friends. Their recycled shipping container cabins and tube rooms will allow you to wake up to an amazing view that transports you into the life of the forest and expansive landscape. The floor to ceiling windows will enhance your experience, offering a complete immersion into nature through clear panoramic views. The resort is already working on meeting the evaluation criteria defined by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council to be both EarthCheck Certified and S Seal Certified (Chile’s Distinction in Sustainable Tourism). Additionally, Samadhi is a proud member of Pack for a Purpose, an initiative that allows travelers to make a lasting impact at the local school. Samadhi buys local products when possible and uses energy efficient practices to help reduce carbon emissions.

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Being A Frequent Flyer While Trying to Save the World

We fly.  We fly a lot, with our family taking at least 4 international trips per year.  Being part of opening Samadhi Eco Resort, it was only a matter of time when we asked the question, “how is all this flying affecting our planet?”  

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Samadhi Eco Resort: Travellers' Talking Story-Jack Woodman

In the Andes of Chile, amongst the Araucaria forests, where the sun and the moon circle Llaima like the frail holes of banished comets and the sound is of stillness all of the time is Conguillío. The way the people here speak of it is like an almost dance with time’s memory. Yet, to be a visitor to this place is to be pulled alarmingly into the present with the stark clarity of a windless moment. I feel this sitting on a rock as the others swim in the wine-dark lake off and behind. Around me the mountains are the broken spine spikes of some long dormant dragon's tail tracing the lakes edge and my breath falls out of me in the rhythm of a small soulful bird.

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"Holiday" in the South of Chile at Samadhi Eco Resort - Amir Reguieg

My arms screamed in protest as the rubber band cut into my flesh.  Should’ve worn gloves, this wasn’t the first time that thought came into my head, and I cursed myself for not wearing them.  Heaving, I pull the stack of hay along the ground, its weight pulling me down.  The rubber band continues to seemingly cut into my flesh as I dragged the hay into the pickup truck, the smell of manure stinging my nostrils.  I take a moment to rest my aching limps.  I wasn’t built for this, was never built for this, my muscles were stingy at best, and even with my natural male strength, I can still barely lift the haystack.   Hard labor was never my strong suit, an unfortunate consequence of living a comfortable privileged life, or rather a privileged non-life.  I have no job and I barely know how to drive.   Most of my time was spent on the Internet, writing characters into forum games, or watching videos.  I was not cut out for hard labor.  

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Chile: 1 Month of Volunteering in Mapuche Country at Samadhi Eco Resort - Valentin Marmin

Samadhi Eco Resort

After 6 months and a half of travel, we wanted to try to find a volunteer on our course for the following reasons:

  • to try something totally different
  • to stay in the same place a little longer than our usual 3-4 days
  • to try to improve our Spanish

After some research on the HelpX site and a great Skype interview with Samantha, we head to the small town of Vilcun to join the Samadhi Eco Resort! We will spend 4 weeks in an absolutely fantastic setting.

The Samadhi Eco Resort is not yet open to the public, but it aims to become one of the Eco Resort standards throughout South America! And in our opinion, they have plenty of potential !!

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