Adventure Travel in the South of Chile

The World Travel Awards, also known as the “Oscars of Tourism,” has named Chile the best adventure travel destination in South America for the third year in a row (2015 – 2017).  Samadhi Eco Resort is proud to offer an array of adventure travel opportunities each week, as well as sightseeing and other tours. 

Weather permitting, there will be one trip to either Nevados de Sollipulli or Queupude Hot Springs; one trip to Conguillio; and, one trip to Villarrica and Geometrica Thermals offered each week.  


Trek Volcano Nevados de Sollipulli

Experience the beauty of the Andes in Araucania through a spectacular trek through rauli, lenga and dinosaur era araucaria trees, over seas of red and black lava rocks and sands, while viewing unbelievable scenery and experiencing nature in its rawest form.  A view of five volcanoes and the glacier are just the tip of the summit - 360 degree of stunning views await you as a final reward. 

Hike & Canyon to the Queupude Hot Springs

Walk through and aside the Queupude river while surrounded by tremendous granite mountains full of unique rock formations and forests.  Pass the incredibly colourful sulfuric geysers, waterfalls, and cracked rock hills before succumbing to the thousand-year-old hot springs over lunch.

Explore Conguillio National Park

Tour, hike, ski and/or bike the prehistoric Conguillio National Park, a Unesco Biosphere Reserve, with the option to swim, kayak and/or boat in the lake.  Conguillio is home to one of Chile’s most active volcanoes, Llaima, and the national tree of Chile, the Monkey Puzzle Tree (Araucaria Aracana), which have been in existence since the time of the dinosaurs.


Villarrica and Geometrica Thermals

Explore the city of Villarrica which is at the foot of Villarrica Volcano and on the banks of Villarrica Lake.  Choose to stroll along the boardwalk or volcanic ash sands, shop for local products at Mercado Fritz or little boutique stores.  Then spend the afternoon in one of the 17 spectacular Geometrica Thermals amidst the Valdivian temperate rainforest.


Winter Activities

  • Snow skiing

  • Snowboarding

  • Snowmobiling

  • Snow shoeing

  • Ski touring

  • Cross country skiing

  • Horse riding


Other Activities

  • White water rafting

  • Paintball

  • Zip lining

  • Horse riding

  • Thermals