Create Your Own Story

From the comfort of your bed, wake up to a captivating view that transports you into the life of the forest and expansive landscape.  The floor to ceiling windows will enhance your experience, offering a complete immersion into nature through clear panoramic views.  Misty mornings may greet you, giving the illusion of being in the clouds, or the magnificent view of a volcano may welcome your day.  This is a place of all possibilities – a place where you create your own story.

As we are in the final stages of our project, our website will be updated as we move along with the adventure.


Recycled Shipping Container Cabins


cabins 1 AND 3

Cabin 1 has a stunning view of Volcano Llaima, and Cabin 3 has incredible views of Volcanoes Llaima and Villarica.  Each cabin has:

  • 2 Bedrooms

  • One Queen sized bed

  • Option of two twin sized beds or a queen sized futon

  • Sofa

  • Kitchen and minibar

  • Two bathrooms each with a toilet, shower and sink

  • Wifi

  • Fireplace

  • In-room safe

  • Complimentary breakfast

  • Custom stocked fridge, kitchen and bar service



Cabin 2 has spectacular views of Volcanoes Llaima and Villarica, is wheelchair accessible, and has:

  • Bathroom with toilet, shower, bath and 2 sinks

  • Wifi

  • Fireplace

  • Complimentary breakfast

  • Custom stocked fridge, kitchen and bar service

  • 1 Bedroom

  • One King sized bed

  • Sofa

  • Kitchen

  • In-room safe


Concrete Tube Rooms

Unique.  Distinctive.  Minimalist.             Repurposed concrete tube rooms cocooned in a hill.         Surrounded by the earth, immersed within nature.       Experience, explore, expand.


3 Rooms have a back window looking into the koi fish pond, and 3 rooms are a result of an artists creations.  All rooms have a view of the expansive fields below and Volcano Villarrica through the front glass door.  

  • 2m high x 2.5m long inside

  • Queen bed with Japanese futon

  • Electricity, outlet and lamp

  • Storage space under the bed and in the side panel

  • Communal bathroom, kitchen and outdoor area

  • Lockers with keys

  • Wheelchair accessible